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Make it look like an accident (A song for voice and cajón) Omar Pérez


to believe or not to believe
that is not the question

whatever the crime
follow the norm

noticing makes you feel nice
3.30 in the morning, the bourgeoisie
once more has made you feel uneasy


used to the main role
the right hand is sloppy 
in secondary characters
who’s the right hand’s right hand?
The left hand


beyond the issue of syntactic properness
this universe must be faced and must be thanked
for bringing us all together
altogether us


let us put politics where it belongs
it belongs in the kitchen
not in the living room
it belongs in the bathroom, not in bedrooms
let us place politics where it deserves to be
it belongs in the bathroom
it belongs in the kitchen


the last will be the first
follow the line


light does not rot 


the tongue has many uses
according to speech, speaking
is the most important


we could agree with a political community
as long as it’s not run by politics


innuendo   conundrum
rigmarole on parole
make it look like an accident


am i not silk? 


the right hand and the left hand
disputed the right to light the match
to light the sacred candle
me, on the right! me, on the left.
It’s not a question of left or right
but of dexterity, said, the candle.
The right hand was the more dexterous
and lit the candle. Make it look
like an accident

no role    no goal
rigmarole on parole
the Midas touch? Make it look 
like an accident
the war on war, the war on word
from worse to worth 
make it look
like an accident
the wall the worst workshop of the world
make it look like an accident



“One makes war to win, not because it is just” (Foucault)
“I don’t personally agree with that” (Chomsky)
if one wins, one can make it look just
while if i loose, i can always disagree

war on warps or unonthological worth
on rigmarole?  No won want one wand
wander? Wonder, or other world around
an innuendo? On one oneness?
wanna go ? Golden, Walden, guardsmen 
and gore them, then Golem or Gollum,
goal them

who is the best consort for conundrum
the best conundrum condom?
The drums of doom, the don’t
the won’t upon the dome:
human infirmity in form
infant infinity
infamous infantry in phones
in photos: infohuman
“All Cretans are liars. I’m a Cretan” (Epimenides)
is the funkiest conundrum.
A general aspect of this chorus line would be “communication” of an in-communicating sort. Incommunicado. For the babelian combination, registers of public speech
cheering, protest, lamentation, warning, 
advertising, prophesying 

we could have as many types as participants
divide them into innuendo, conundrum, rigmarole
multiplied by public speech.

To be or not to be is a long roll of a conundrum
The onthoconundrum, ontotheosis, halitosis 
And ostheopoiesis. Varias veces: overdoses.
To be or not to be is a hit 
single or long play, double play, what about.
It takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place (Alice Through The Looking Glass)
civilization, a hit-and-run answer,
progress, capitalism, language.

The most important thing about the tongue is not language
Lo más importante d la lengua no es la lengua
Speech is not to be taken for granted in humans
not all humans speak not all speech is human
nor humans be taken for granted in speech
Something between innuendo and conundrum is making sense
at last
through mental operations such as deduction
in diction
deification of the meaning.
What about rigmarole, does it make sense
as sound, it dust, it drought make sense
make sex to drop on vowels, notes
is jazz rigmarole, if you have to ask
you’ll never know (Armstrong - Red Hot Chili Peppers) 

herein, that that the ideal
and the real move together, as a box with its cover. (Sandokai)
And goes on
as two arrows meet in the air
so the ideal and the real move together.
this Peter Pan thing
called language
literature is a form of otium, odium
opium. Human titanium 
as a box with its cover go together
as two arrows meet in the air
make it look like an accident
Do you have a gun in your pocket or
are you just happy to see me (Mae West)
an innuendo? A nude one
innuendo as Annunciation
and Annunciation: an innuendo?
The phallic angel, the feminine Will
call it faith: a veiled reflection on character or reputation (Webster)
faith: a veiled reflection, substance of things to come (St. Paul)

there are no mines in Patmos, only revelation
a woman in the sky dressed like the sun
with the moon on her feet
a red dragon
a brass section, seven angels with trumpets
sounds funk again, or Chinatown: it’s Apocalypse
when the Seventh Seal is opened
there’s a silence of about half an hour
(a musical notation)
then lightnings, earthquake, rigmarole
is Apocalypse a riddle, an insinuation
on character, Babylon,
a Babelian dramatic persona 
astral lady, dragon in red, fireworks
babbling in a prophetic bubble

the one-hand clap
the inquiry about Buddha’s nature
in the dog
conundrumming our heads for ages
has Buddha attained, or retained 
the nature of the dog?
This, an antidote for the New Age hangover,
is, in fact, “a veiled reflection on character 
and reputation”
is Buddha as accidental as a mongrel
as constructed as a German shepherd?
In the context of the human species’
multiple activities, Buddha is a Hobby
(which sounds like a dog’s name)
holy wholeness howling 
hound wholly holy
hauling humans home
that they let me not to ask them for anything
I ask the gods (Pessoa)
a riddle to get rid of theodependance
philosophia, a maieutic conundrum                     
“if you have to ask, you’ll never know”

Nothing itself nothings (Heidegger) 
gives way to the multifarious platitude
which cuts, in turn, back to the triad
a rose is a rose is a rose (Stein)
a nice shot at cellular division and proliferation
albeit anticancer homeopathy

it’s not over till it’s over (Berra)

jargon and rigmarole plus platitude
the cask of philosophy
the realization of reason is not a fact
but a task (Marcuse on Hegel)                     
the cask is a mask is a carcass
of a task 
now what, it’s not over till it overdoses
it has, in fact


Sometimes fear is a (not so thin) disguise
for laziness
it’s not danger what frightens me
but the task
of facing it

the meeting point in Hegel
between reason and reality
I makes the I perdurable
not the circumstances

what is it with words?
Einstein “deplores” the bomb
after Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Borges calls “El Manisero”
“a deplorable rumba”.
In a letter to Freud (1932)
Einstein wonders
“how is it possible for this small clique
to bend the will of the majority”
concluding that school, press and church help to 
“organize and sway the emotion of the masses”.
So does rumba, though it doesn’t kill anyone.

so does rumba, not exactly a form of domination
so does rumba, not a “rumble in the jungle”
in the form of superego



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